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"Talking" First Aid Kit Guides RVers and Campers

Talking First Aid Kit Delivers

Helpful Tips In an Emergency

Photo of Talking First Aid Kit goes here.By Susan J. Young

What if you're out tenting in southern U.S. woodlands and acquire an unwelcome tick on your skin? How do you handle it?

What if you're at a mountain vacation home and someone has an accident and is bleeding profusely? What steps should you take?

Or, what if you're RVing down a remote roadway and out of cell phone range when your spouse needs CPR but you don't know how to perform it?

In all these cases, the thought of dragging out that old metal first aid kit that looks like it was invented in the 1940s isn't a comforting thought.

But, presto.... Here comes a new tool -- the Intelligent First Aid Kit. This handy, small first-aid suitcase with a zipper all around could be comforting "back-up" to aid you in the situation as you attempt to remain calm and tackle a medical problem when immediate help isn't close by.  It's light, easy to stow and has much good information. 

Sturdy "Talking" Cards with Supplies

Inside, you'll find packets with "talking instructions" on everything from dealing with a stingray bite to how to flush out an eye

Photo of Talking First Aid Kit "Bleeding Card" with Booklight goes here.

From helping you control bleeding (see card at left*) to handling basic first aid on broken bones, the kit is a cornucopia of quick, efficient knowledge.

Some sections are more helpful than others. We viewed the Breathing and CPR packet as the kit's most critical. 

While we recommend that everyone learn CPR, but for those who don't, this kit's succinct and easy-to-understand instructions might help save someone's life.

Each packet features the "talking" hard card and colorful yet simple instructions. Packet topics are Basics, Bites and Stings, Shock, Breathing and CPR; Head and Spine; Eye; Burns; and Bones. A coated booklet also has the information from each card as well as other details including how to handle heat and cold emergencies, poisoning - with National Poison Center phone number -- and choking for both adults and infants.

Each also has a simple on-off switch in the upper left-hand corner. You can see it with the sound speaker in the photo above. Just flick the switch on the side, push the speaker symbol, and the voice begins to provide instructions about what to do in individual situations.

Photo of Talking Cards goes here.As the talking begins, you can open the supplies each package has -- such as gauze, tweezers, sting relief, plastic gloves, eye wash, an emergency warmth blanket, triangular bandage or instant cold packs.

Just push the speaker symbol again to restart the voice instructions.

No First Aid kit can prepare anyone for every eventuality or to handle every emergency without professional medical assistance, but this kit -- if people take time to familiarize themselves with it before they need it -- could be helpful.

We wondered, though, if people wouldn't take time to listen to the instructions. Yet, in many ways we think this concept may be far superior to reading from a cumbersome first aid book -- while simultaneously trying to assist a person in need. Plus, the kit organizes its supplies well -- and has some supplies your standard kit might not.

Still, we might supplement this kit with a traditional first-aid book, which might cover some additional, less common things not in the talking kit. It never hurts to have too many resources in a remote locale.

One thing a traditional book can't do, though... is talk. And the talking voice in the Intelligent First Aid Kit speaks clearly -- providing a firm yet calming influence as it guides you through what to do. 

In addition, a large pen-like flashlight flips open and has a clip so so you can prop up the packet cards and read them in darkness.

Who would most benefit from this kit? While an argument could be made for home or business applications, we believe the best use of the kit might be on vacation -- while driving an RV on an unfamiliar road, tenting in the woods, or staying at a state park cabin or vacation home in a remote locale. 

If I were setting out on a long cross-country road trip, I'd also take this kit in the car.

That said, I'd not recommend this talking kit for an airport trip. I can just see the TSA folks at the security checkpoint going through the cards one by one, taking everything apart and looking at the voice switches. Even if checked as luggage, security screeners might open the packets and then throw everything back together quickly and perhaps in the wrong spots. I'd leave the kit home for plane rides.

Again, the Intelligent First Aid Kit is not going to cover every emergency. But it "ups" your odds of effectively assisting yourself, a member of your family or even a stranger.

When enjoying the great outdoors or a road trip in the South, it's easy for unexpected things to happen, whether a snake bite, insect bite, burn, broken arm or foreign matter in the eye. 

So next time you head for the great outdoors or on vacation in a remote locale consider taking the Intelligent First Aid Kit. 

The kit costs $129.99. It's available online at www.intelligentfirstaid.com.

* Photos are by the Intelligent First Aid Kit. All rights reserved. Please do not link to nor copy these photos.

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